Welcome to Our Project!

Plant career is a non-commercial project to present set of articles and video posts about career in IT. We put a goal to disclose several topics in order to describe most efficient way to grow career in computer technoligies area. We wish to describe several different use cases of career improvement.

Our Mission

We wish to put a light on the most efficient way to grow your carrer - "plant" it like little tree in your garden to become strong and beautiful.

This includes but not limited to describe how to grow up from junior position, how to move to IT from other areas, changing specialisation and many more.

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  • Become a leader

    One of the key milestones of career growth is to become a leader. Having that goal in mind will make you move faster.

  • Manage time

    Managing time efficiently is a major skill in career improvement process. Put that on the top of the list of improvements.

  • Plan and control

    Planning your activity with further control of efficiency and quality will speed you up of career growth way.

  • Listen and learn

    It's always a need to improve your competencies in order to move. Make learning process your top priority.